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  • Product name: Functional Red Yeast Rice of 0.1% Lovastatin/Monacolin K

About this product
This product whose content of lovastatin/monacolin K is less than 0.1% is commonly used as backing material to adjust the total content of lovastatin/monacolin K of the final red yeast rice products, which has similar function with water or starch.

Introduction of Red Yeast Rice
Functional red yeast rice is obtained through fermentation of grains with Monascus purpureus strains. It is brown red powder which is usually used in healthy food industry to lower blood lipid and promote blood circulation, and the main active ingredient of red yeast rice is Monaconlin-K / Lovastatin.

1) Red yeast rice can be used as food and medicinal substance.
2) Red yeast rice is used to lower blood lipid, promote blood circulation.
3) Red yeast rice is a natural fermented material.
4) Red yeast rice is popular used in healthy food and dietary supplements.
5) Red yeast rice is discovered containing substances that are similar to prescription medications that lower cholesterol.


Item Standard Value
Appearance Light red powder
Smell Have red yeast rice inherented smelling
Loss on Dry (%) ≤10
Total Lovastatin/Monacolin K (%) <0.1%
Citrinin (μg/kg) ≤50
Total Plate Count (cfu/g) ≤5000
Yeast and Mold (cfu/g) ≤50
E. coli ≤30 MPN/100g
Pathogenic Bacteria Negative
As (mg/kg) ≤10.0
Pb (mg/kg) ≤4.0

Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sun light. 

Shelf Life
2 years while stored under specified conditions.

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