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  • Product name: Dried Red Chaotian Chilli of Tianying

Product Name:Dried Chili (Dehydrated Chili)             
Raw Material: Fresh Chaotian Chili (Tianying 8)     
Origin: Shandong
Classification: Grade A (Pure Red)
Market: Global           
Packaging: 5LB plastic bag * 6 in one carton or by customer's requirment


Item Standard
Food Additives No
Mould No
Colour Pure Red
Moisture 12% Max
Pungency 8,000SHU(HPLC Test)
Foreign Impurites ≤ 0.1%
Broken Rate <5
Speckle Rate <5
Total Plate Count <10000/g
Salmonella Negative
Aflatoxin B1 <5PPB
Coliform ≤ 100MPN/g
Escherichia Coli ≤ 1000/g
Yeast 3500CFU/G
Mold 3500CFU/G

Characteristics and Applications of Goods                                                                               
1) To ensure the source safety of raw material and the stability of chilli penguncy, our products are under a set of strict control system to cultivate Japanse chili with farmers and there are more 200 detections before deliver the goods.
2) Overall process is following Japanese Export Standard, there have no mould and microorganisme can be adjusted upon client's requirement.                                                                              
3) Application: Seasoning, Material of Powder , Edible Food.

Storage Condition
Room temperature storage

Shelf Life
3 years

Production Flow Chart


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